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  What we do... Use technology to provide women globally with useful, practical life and business skills - infromation that is easy to access, understand & pass onto others.

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Paula Constantino


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         A “visionary” is defined as a prophet, creative thinker, seer and/or futurist  – in this instance – one who sees how Women Empowered with practical life and business skills can truly change the world and has invested at least $1,000 …

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~~  Meet out Visionaries ~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Elisabeth Gortschacher World Leadership


Elisabeth Gortschacher, who is based in Australia is Founder and Ambassador of World Leadership Day, and has also more recently initiated World Leadership Embassy. With their world leadership mission of inspiring, connecting and transforming, 1000 Women  looks forward to building an alliance with the WLE organization. 


M Kay Robinson Insight Intuitive Consulting

M. Kay Robinson has founded Insight Intuitive Consulting as a value-based globally conscious intuitive business, promotes art of intuition as a way of creating and supporting successful people. Using her highly developed intuitive gifts, Kay can see what is working for her clients, what barriers stand in their way, and how clients can create change. Many describe her company as a highly effective member of their own teams. 



Bonnie Ross-Parker Joy of ConnectingBonnie Ross-Parker, a.k.a., America’s Connection Diva, is a multi-dimensional entrepreneur who is committed to bringing her 25 years of networking experience into the marketplace through her licensed program:  The Joy of Connecting® (JOC).

Established in August, 2002, JOC is an innovative marketing program for women who are serious about growing their business.  Nationwide, The Joy of Connecting® gatherings are designed to meet the needs of professionals, business women and entrepreneurs by providing them access to resources, relationships and to the products/services participants offer.  Licenses are available throughout the U.S.  Bonnie is the author of Walk In My Boots – The Joy of Connecting and Y.O.U. – Set A High Standard for Being Human 


Nana Ngobese Women Forward South AfricaWorking with her colleagues and in partnership with many organizations since 1998, Nana Ngobese, Founder and President of Women Forward, an emerging political party in South Africa, has held gender-sensitivity workshops in institutions and different communities under the banner of Women Stuff,. This has been a very popular and empowering programme for women and men to come together and deal with social issues on how they impact their daily lives and exploring possible solutions on how to handle these challenges.

Her primary interests are on transformation, gender and human rights. It is through working on these issues that she realized that most women’s life experiences were burdened with deep social inequities and inequalities of societal biases against them.  Her vision is significantly aligned with 1000 Women.


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All Donations are tax deductible.



While our goal is for 1000 Women to invest $1000 each,

Donations of any amount help sutain our social enterprise




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     Investments of time and expertise, as well as monetary investments, are welcomed.  We are in our infancy and appreciate your sharing your knowledge and expertise with us.


Check out our current project -with Women Rebuilding Africa Program (WRAP)


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Important Note: We work with established nonprofit organizations to get our information modules into the hands of women worldwide.