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We use current technology to provide women worldwide with
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Our Vision to Change the World


The vision for 1000 Women Can Change the World Corporation has evolved out of Women’s Support TEAM (WS TEAM) with its underlying theme that Together Everyone Achieves More success globally.

Everyone can achieve more through Synergy – the exchange of ideas, working together and combining resources for the success of all. With synergy, the result is greater than the sum of its parts.

Our vision is to build a 21st century information hightway worldwide - beginning in South Africa - by providing easily accessible, practical, hands-on information to women throughout the world. This information will inspire, enlighten and empower women to make the most of their lives and the lives of their loved ones… creating a lasting legacy for their children and generations to come. 


The underlying concept is that by nature, women freely share what they know with others. When women gain useful information, they then share it, passing on that information to their family, friends and others, improving and enriching all the lives they touch.

The key to this new paradigm – what make it truly unique - is our use of 21st century technology. This evolving technology provides for open communication and transfer of knowledge through the Internet (think web conference), hand-held devices (think iPod), satellites (think GPS), and so much more.

Keeping the information virtual eliminates the need for “brick and mortar” facilities and having physical inventory to handle and ship.  By minimizing physical resources, So much more information can then spread quickly and efficiently as well as being better for the environment.

Current technology enables the movement to develop virtual toolkits (written, graphic and audio materials in digital formats).  The primary goal is to keep the information virtual/digital.  Current digital formats are easy to create, edit and transmit on a global basis.  Keeping the information digital eliminates the need for the physical inventory of bulky papers, CDs, etc.- helping the environment.

The most effective way to bring meaningful change to the world in this 21st century is provide basic knowledge, life and business skills, technology, and other critical information to improve the lives of women and men worldwide.  This includes women in developing areas, as well as the more commercially developed areas.  


The original source of this information is to be the WS TEAM Mentors (currently more than 160). These women can provide this practical information based on each Mentor’s personal, business or professional experience with emphasis on the how and why. 

The 1000 Women Can Change the World Corporation is set to achieve its goal of empowering women globally… leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

The ultimate goal is to enlighten women with knowledge so that they can banish the darkness of ignorance and encourage their children in mind, body and spirit. These children are the bright future that we are investing in now. 


By benefitting women and children now –
 we impact the world for generations to come.


Contact us at info@1000WomenCanChangeTheWorld.org  for more information