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About Paula Constantino, Founder



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Board of Directors

paula constantino founder president

President/CEO Paula Constantino ~ Attorney by profession, but visionary by choice, Paula is currently following her passion, focusing on creating ways for women to help other women achieve more success with less stress globally - including supplemental training tool.  First, she founded and built WomensSupportTeam.com and now she is applying those resources to help inspire, enlighten and empower women worldwide with 1000 Women Can Change the World. (Read more here…)




linda bolliger boardroom bound

Vice President:  Linda Bolliger ~ Founder and Chied Vissionary Officer (CVO) of Boardroom Bound® the Washington, DC-based nonprofit group operating as a national public serve that fosters good governance and independence in the American corporate boardroom by matriculating diverse director-candidates from  the Boardology™  Institute prior to promoting them for board service. She is a recognized national "Thought Leader" in Diversity Best Practices and business incubation for sustainability--and is the recipient of both international as well as national awards for her service in engaging minorities and women in the economic mainstream.


  Marti Tirinnanzi Cheif Operating Officer Microfinance

Secretary/Treasurer ~ Marti Tirinnanzi ~ Principal Examiner on Market Risk for the Federal Housing Finance Agency, the Federal regulator for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the twelve Federal Home Loan Banks.  As a specialist in derivatives contracts, she is engaged in a project to improve the transparency of derivatives held by these government sponsored enterprises by moving towards a clearinghouse platform for certain contracts. Previously, Marti served as Chief Operating Office (COO)of MFX Solutions, Inc., a foreign currency hedging company developed specifically for the microfinance industry that provides specialized currency hedging for Microfinance Investors that lend to Microfinance Lenders in local currencies. 


In addition to her years of experience in financial analysis, credit, and accounting policies and applications, Marti is a true visionary who is overflowing with ideas on how we can take our charity to the next level  by aligning with foundations, diplomats, microfinance, international organizations and other like-minded organizations.


Advisory Board

Bill Lamond  Feminine Principle Leadership

Bill Lamond is the President, The Feminine Principle in Leadership, celebrated author of Born to Lead: Unlock the magnificence in yourself and others, in which is posits that it is up to the 3.2 billion women to save this planet. Bill is inventor of a system of strategic thinking based on the way women naturally think and operate. Aspects of this thinking have been taught to more than 300,000 people globally. According to Bill, "In the information age, the feminine style of relationship and cooperation is the wave of the future for everyone in business." As a popular speaker, Lamond mesmerizes audiences with his vision of a world where passion and cooperation are the hallmarks of human endeavor and where the Voice of women is expressed and heard in its full power and magnificence.


Madelein Mkunu Leading Women of Africa addressing conferenceMadelein Mkunu is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Leading Women of Africa is a pan-African movement uniting women leaders in order to find ways and means to contribute to the maintenance of peace and stability in the continent through the unity and Economic empowerment of Women of Africa in the 21st century.

She is the woman behind the first Leading Businesswomen of Africa Forum that took place in May 2008 in Cape Town.

Madelein is the Editor of Feminar: Leading Women of Africa Magazine, a socio-economic women’s magazine that promotes Women Leadership in Africa and speaks to businesses that have identified Africa as part of their growth strategies


Other Alliances

We are building alliances with other nonprofit organizations that assist women in the US as well as in countries worldwide, especially in Africa.

Currently, one of our primary alliances is with Leading Women of Africa (LWA) – working together we are building our pilot project – Women Rebuilding Africa Program (WRAP) for the unity and economic empowerment of Women of Africa in the 21st century.

We are also building a relationship with PeaceXPeace, an organization that is building Global Circles and connections worldwide to promote peace worldwide. It was through this women’s organization that we have connected with LWA. 

Another alliance is with Women to the World that is aiding women in both Afghanistan and Africa.




        Investments of time and expertise, as well as monetary investments, are welcomed.  We are in our infancy and appreciate your sharing your knowledge and expertise with us.



     All Donations tothis 501(c)(3) public charity are fully tax deductible. 

Remember that by enriching the lives of women...

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 we impact the world for generations to come.


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        Privacy Policy: We are committed to protecting your privacy and the information that you provide when you make donation.  We take all reasonable to protect your information.  We do not sell, share or trade any of your information.  See full Privacy Policy here.


Work is ongoing to develop and implement this enrichment movement
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Prototype to help victims of domestic violence and abuse