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  What we do... Use technology to provide women globally with useful, practical life and business skills - infromation that is easy to access, understand & pass onto others.

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Silver Visionary


A “visionary” is defined as a prophet, creative thinker, seer and/or futurist - in this instance a Silver Visionary

  – is one who sees how Women Empowered with practical, useful life and business skills can truly change the world

        and has invested at least $1,100 …

$1,100 - 4,900 Investment = Silver Visionary

As a Silver Visionary you will have a Listing on this website

Your Choice – Select one 

  • About You – your vision or mission
  • About Your Favorite Charity – including a link to its website
  • About Your Business


This listing can include a photo or logo with 6-10 lines of content.


~~ Meet Our Silver Visionaries  ~~


linda hollander wealthy bag lady

Linda Hollander, known as the Wealthy Bag Lady and founder of the Women's Small Business Expo, is an industry leader in teaching entrepreneurs about small business, including corporate sponsorship, sales, marketing, design, promotion and creating lifetime customers.

As the author of Bags to Riches, she is a popular international speaker and has learned from the nation’s top business experts. Her passions are business, investing, promotion and packaging (she is a “Bag Lady”, after all).

With over 20 years of experience as a small business owner, Linda does small business consulting. Her clients include Disney, Cisco Systems, Mattel, Universal Studios, Ocean Spray, Sears and Nissan.


Rachel Flower Senssoma TransformationAs a speaker, author and facilitator, Rachel Flower is the creator of Senssoma – a  unique and powerful personal empowerment process that gives individuals and corporate teams the essential tools to boost performance and live their passion and potential.

Rachel is internationally recognized for her workshops, retreats, presentations and training programs delivered in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Asia with 'Maui Passages' soon to launch in Hawaii. With years of training in many mind/body modalities she offers practical and inspiring tools that tap into the senses and the wisdom of the body to bring clarity and empowerment into your personal and work life.

Having been featured on TV, radio and in magazine articles, Rachel has worked with individuals and teams from all walks of life - from refugees to CEOs - running workshops, seminars and retreats in UK, Asia and Australia. She has also trained many facilitators in mind/body processes.

Rachel is the author of The Wisdom of Passion, published in 2003. Also a widely published travel and feature writer.  Born in UK, she has lived overseas more than half her life - in Hong Kong, Thailand (where she ran a meditation center for 9 years), Australia and New Zealand.


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While our goal is for 1000 Women to invest $1000 each,

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     Investments of time and expertise, as well as monetary investments, are welcomed.  We are in our infancy and appreciate your sharing your knowledge and expertise with us.



   Privacy Policy: We are committed to protecting your privacy and the information that you provide when you make donation.  We take all reasonable to protect your information.  We do not sell, share or trade any of your information.  See full Privacy Policy here.



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Important Note: We work with well-established nonprofit organizations to get our information modules into the hands of women worldwide.