Inspiring, Enlightening &
Empowering Women
CAN Change the World
What we do...
Use technology to provide
women with useful,
practical infromation - easy
to access, understand &
pass onto others
We need your help...
  • Expertise in women's
  • Linguistics
    & language
  • Fundraising
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 Share Your Expertise & Wisdom

So that you can enrich the lives of other women and

Leave a positive legacy for furture generations

        You may have more than money to support this evolving dynamic movement so that WE - WomenEmpowered - Can Change the World.


Do you have a few hours that can help change the world
and help improve the lives of women globally?


        Your information is recorded over the telephone so that your time involved in sharing your knowledge, expertise and wisdom is limited… but the end result is infinite!


Let’s see how you can do this….


  • Do you have knowledge about or access to information about international women’s issues? 
  • What women in various developing countries really need to improve their daily lives?
  • Do you have knowledge about women’s health, domestic, family and community issues?
  • Do you have skills to build self-esteem, develop meaningful relationship or otherwise integrate mind, body and spirit?
  • Do you have business or entrepreneurial skills to share? Business plans? Leadership? Communication? Marketing? Manufacturing?
  • Do you have technology expertise as applied in business, communication or other applicable settings?
  • Do you have knowledge of linguistics or are multi-lingual?
  • Do you have skills in the creative arts and/or crafts?


If you answered “Yes” to any of these, women of the world need your help!


Let us know how you can help by sending an email Here.

To the extent that you would be paid for these services in the normal course of business, the value of your invested services may be tax deductible at fair market value.  Your services and/or your input are greatly appreciated.


The ultimate goal is to enlighten women with knowledge so that they can banish the darkness of ignorance and encourage their children in mind, body and spirit. These children are the bright future that we are investing in now.



By benefitting women and children now –
 we impact the world for generations to come.


Note: Our Online Donate page is Under Construction

During this time, please call us at410-707-7378 or

mail your tax-deductible checks to

1000 Women Can Change the World Corp.

1783 Forest Drive  # 168

Annapolis, MD 21401


        Investments of time and expertise, as well as monetary investments, are welcomed.  We are in our infancy and appreciate your sharing your knowledge and expertise with us.


Donations are tax deductible pursuant to the IRS regulations.



        Contact us at if you have any questions concerning your donations.


        Privacy Policy: We are committed to protecting your privacy and the information that you provide when you make donation.  We take all reasonable to protect your information.  We do not sell, share or trade any of your information.  See full Privacy Policy here.



Work is ongoing to develop and implement this enrichment movement
as quickly and effectively as possible



Contact us via email for more information