Inspiring, Enlightening &
Empowering Women
CAN Change the World

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Support & empower women with useful, practical infromation - easy to access, understand &

pass onto others - via technology

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Mission – How Women Can Change the World

Our Mission is to inspire, enlighten and empower women worldwide
by providing them with practical life and business skills -

useful, practical  information that is easy to access, understand and pass on to others.



  As this information helps women enrich their lives and those around them, these women will then share what they have learned with their family and community. 


Then, as knowledge and confidence then spreads out like ripples on a pond, the world begins to change from the grass roots up.

These life enhancing materials also assist and help rebuild the lives of at-risk women, especially survivors/victims of abuse and domestic violence.


Rather than the facts and figures of formal education, this information enhances life and builds business skills:  

  • “How to”, “why” that works, what works best in what situations
  •  “If I only knew then what I know now”
  • Life-changing ways of doing things
  • Ways to enhance self image
  • Healthy ways of life
  • Relationship building skills
  • Business skills


With this practical information Women can….


  • Improve the quality of their daily lives
  • Feel better about themselves
  • Believe in themselves and what they do
  • Become more productive in their society
  • Be entrepreneurs
  • Attain formal education
  • Acquire communication, leadership and other business skills
  • Become professional business women
  • Share this information with others


The basic foundation of this not-for-profit Corporation is that when 1000 women each contribute $1000 or more, there will be at least one million dollars to develop:


  • Administrative staff (initially only the Executive Director)
  • Support staff (virtual assistants, linguists, etc.)
  • Mentoring programs (initially developed by Mentors of Women’s Support TEAM)
  • Digital informational modules (i.e. audio MP3 files, web conferences, etc.)
  • Translation into native languages and dialects
  • Dissemination of information to women throughout the world
  • Follow up to determine the most effective type and use of this information
  • Keeping abreast technologically to be as efficient as possible
  • Fundraising with an eye to keeping this expense at minimal levels


Work is ongoing to develop and implement this enrichment movement
as quickly and effectively as possible

Text Box: Would you like to help change the world?  You really can – Here’s how     Create a lasting legacy by investing now… Help us inspire, enlighten and empower women worldwide with practical life and business skills     •	Invest $1000 or more to be a Visionary – a creative thinker who sees into the future or    •	Invest a small amount periodically and become a Visionary over time or    •	Invest your time or expertise to help us build this nonprofit to the best that it can be    The future is in your hands – You can make a difference in the world….


 The ultimate goal is to enlighten women with knowledge so that they can banish the darkness of ignorance and encourage their children in mind, body and spirit. These children are the bright future that we are investing in now. 


By benefitting women and children now –
 we impact the world for generations to come.


Donte Now -


Investments of time and expertise are welcomed, as well as monetary investments in any amonunt.  We are in our youth and appreciate your sharing your knowledge and expertise with us.


Donations are 501(c)(3) tax deductible


        Contact us at if you have any questions concerning your donations.



Important Note: We work with well-established nonprofit organizations to get
  our information modules into the hands of women worldwide.