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Overview of 1000 Women Can Change the World

Live Radio Interviews:

Founder Paula Constantino sheds a bright light on the mission and vision for 1000 Women during her recent interview with co-hosts Ann Quasman and Susan Olson on WomanTalk Live TalkRadio 680 WCBM in Baltimore, MD.  Learn how women can impact the world and make a difference for generations to come (10/25/08) – Listen Here


Founder – Paula Constantino is Interviewed on South African Radio –  Imagine – expecting a call at 5 am – setting the alarm – going over the talking points – 5:30 no call – Back to sleep (after an hour or so) to be jarred awake by the phone ringing at 7 am – it’s the call to stand by for the interview. Of course, it’s mid afternoon in South Africa.

The cheery voice of Nancy Richards of SAFM radio greets Paula warmly on her show Otherwise – focused on business women in South Africa.  She’s particularly interested in exploring how 1000 Women uses AIM – audio information modules – to banish the “poverty mentality” of women.  After Paula’s explanation that the program uses virtual teams to create the modules, Madelein of LWA indicates that she has the women on board for the virtual teams to create the modules. (We are in process of obtaining the interview content.)


Internet Radio Interviews:

Diva Toolbox features 1000 Women as Paula Constantino relates the compelling story of how we are Making a Difference by Taking AIM and that Making a difference is what it’s all about! Listen Here as Paula passionately colors in the portrait of how 1000 Women came to be with all its many facets… how MP3 players enable women to listen and learn anytime anywhere – deserts, mountains jungles… anywhere – Learn how you can help.


In-depth, passionate interview of Paula Constantino as she is skillfully guided by Girlfriendology Founder, Debba Halbert. Both women fully embrace the paradigm that women can change the world – Debba citing the The Tending Instinct and Paula citing the “feminine principle” from Born to Lead.(8/26/08) Listen in Here


Sally Witt Blog Talk Radio

Dr. Sally Witt of BlogTalk Radio interviews Paula Constantino, focusing on Women's Support TEAM is a one-stop web-based resource helping women achieve more success with less stress globally through its TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) of Mentors, coaches, informational products, events, articles, links and more. Recently launched a new service so that you can Find a Coach Online with just the click of a mouse and a telephone. Listen Here


Ann Barczay Sloan The Women of 1000 Women National NetworkerAnn Barczay Sloan’s column in The National Networker entitled Especially for Women featuresThe Woman of One Thousand Women,” namely Paula Constantino…

"Going from the practice of law to philanthropy has indeed been a quantum leap – even though it has evolved over a period of years. In actuality, I have undergone a major shift of mind and spirit – essentially evolving from life as an intellectual transaction lawyer pushing paper to an innovative social entrepreneur who seeks to change the world – eradicating poverty from the grass roots up"... Read article here.


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        Investments of time and expertise, as well as monetary investments, are welcomed.  We are in our infancy and appreciate your sharing your knowledge and expertise with us.

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Investments of time and expertise, as well as monetary investments, are welcomed.  We are in our infancy and appreciate your sharing your knowledge and expertise with us.


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