Inspiring, Enlightening &

Empowering Women
CAN Change the World


What we do...
Build a 21st Century Highway -
Using technology to provide
women with useful,
practical infromation - easy
to access, understand &
pass onto others
We need your help...
  • Expertise in women's
  • Linguistics
    & language
  • Fundraising
  • Sponsors
  • Media
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Invest in the Future Now


Empowering women benefits them & their families
& their communities & ultimately the world! 

   ~ Making a Difference by Building Lifetime Skills ~

Starting with the Women Rebuilding Africa Program (WRAP)

Giving grassroots women Audio Information Modules (AIM)
on preloaded hand-held MP3 palyers

that they can listen to anywhere anytime over and over again & share with others.

To inspire women
to tap into to their own inner strength to change their lives from within
To enlighten women - how technology can make “the” difference
To empower women to be economically independent


The ultimate goal is to enlighten women with knowledge so that they can banish the darkness of ignorance and encourage their children in mind, body and spirit. These children are the bright future that we are investing in now.



By benefitting women and children now –
 we impact the world for generations to come - creating a lasting legacy.


Invest in the Future Here

Limited Time Offer to be a Charter "10" Visionary

Be one of our 1st 10 Visionaries & Receive Very Special Recognition

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All Donations are 501(c)(3) tax deductible.

Your investment helps us with: 

  • Purchase MP3 players and batteries to be distributed to grassroots women
  • Establish virtual teams and set up mentoring programs with orgainzations in the US and worldwide
  • Create Audio Informational Modules (AIM - audio MP3 files)
  • Translation into native languages and dialects
  • Dissemination of information to women throughout the US and the world
  • Follow up to determine the most effective type and use of this information
  • Obrtain and maitanin technology platform needed for implemetn this global initiative
  • Keep abreast technologically to be as efficient as possible
  • Retain and maitain administrative staff (initially only the Executive Director)
  • Support staff (initially virtual assistants)
  • Fundraising with an eye to keep this amount at minimal levels



        Investments of time and expertise, as well as monetary investments, are welcomed.  We are in our infancy and appreciate your sharing your knowledge and expertise with us.

 All donations, including in service, are tax deductible for this 501(c)(3) public charity.  


  Check out our current project -with Women Rebuilding Africa Program (WRAP)

      Contact us here at if you have any questions concerning your donations or for more informartion.

        Privacy Policy: We are committed to protecting your privacy and the information that you provide when you make donation.  We take all reasonable to protect your information.  We do not sell, share or trade any of your information.  See full Privacy Policy here.