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Founder, PaulaConstantino



Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is 1000 Women CAN Change the WorldTM?


1000 Women CAN Change the World is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation - a social enterprise whose purpose is to enrich the lives of at-risk women by providing them with practical, useful information to women via technology, enriching their lives and those around them.  


What is the mission of this enrichment movement?


The mission of 1000 Women Can Change the World is to inspire, enlighten and empower women worldwide by providing them with useful, practical life and business skills -- information that is easy to access, understand and pass on to others.  As this information helps these at-risk women to enhance their lives and those around them, these women will share what they have learned with their family and community.  Knowledge and confidence then spreads outward like ripples on a pond.  Thus, the world begins to change from the grass roots up. 

These life enhancing materials also assist and help rebuild the lives of at-risk women, especially survivors/victims of abuse and domestic violence.



What is the philosophy behind this purpose?


Everyone can achieve more through Synergy – the exchange of ideas, working together and combining resources for the success of all. With synergy, the result is far greater than the sum of its parts. The underlying concept is that by nature, women freely share what they know with others. When women gain practical, useful information, they share it, passing on that information to their family, friends and others. This sharing inspires, enhances and enriches all the lives they touch. 

This synergy also applies to partnering with other women's organizations that support and assist at-risk women.


How is the goal of this enrichment movement?


The goal is to provide useful, practical, hands-on life and business skills -- information that is easy to access,  to understand and to pass on to women throughout the world using 21st century technology -- the Internet, MP3 players (think iPod) and more..


What types of information does this movement provide?


Rather than the facts and figures of formal education, this information enhances life and business skills:

  • Building self-awareness and confidence
  • "How" to”, “why” it works, what works best in what situations
  • “If I only knew then what I know now”
  • Life-changing ways of doing things
  • Ways to enhance self image
  • Healthy ways of life
  • Communication, business & relationship building skills

How do these types of information affect the lives of women?


With these types of information, women can…


  • Improve the quality of their daily lives
  • Feel more confident about themselves
  • Believe in themselves and what they do
  • Become even more productive in their society
  • Be successful entrepreneurs
  • Attain more formal education
  • Acquire communication, networking, leadership and other business skills
  • Become professional business women
  • Share this information with others

How did this concept come to be?

Founder, PaulaConstantino, is passionate about women helping other women achieve more success in life.

As the product of an extremely dysfunctional family that included being victim of abuse, she has always been a survivor, determined to not only turn her own life around, but to reach out and help other women be all that they can be.   Having been fully immersed the “the ole’ boy” world during my career as a lawyer, she believes that when we work together to help others succeed – sharing our expertise and wisdom – we all truly do achieve more – and it feels good too!  Giving back is so rewarding!


What is foundation of 1000 Women CAN Change the World?


The basic foundation of this not-for-profit Corporation is that when 1000 women each contribute $1000 or more, there will be at least one million dollars* to develop:


  • Mentoring programs (initially developed by Mentors of Women’s Support TEAM)
  • Digital informational modules (i.e. audio MP3 files, web conferences, etc.)
  • Translation into native languages and dialects
  • Dissemination of information to women throughout the world
  • Administrative staff (initially only the Executive Director)
  • Support staff (virtual assistants for database management, linguists, etc.)
  • Follow up to determine the most effective type and use of this information
  • Keeping abreast technologically to be as efficient as possible
  • Fundraising with an eye to keeping this expense at minimal levels

What is an information module?

As used in our unique program model, an informarion module is a digitally created electroic file, usually an audio file (MP3), e.g.AIM or audio information module or a written file or PDF. The AIM can be electronically recorded by women using either telephone or computer technology. Becuase the information is digitally recorded, it can be recorded in any language for any culture.


What has this social enterprise been working on?


Work is ongoing with fundraising, the systemization, development of information modules and building relationships with women’s organizations worldwide.


How is the information delivered?


The key to this movement – what make it truly unique - is 21st century technology. This evolving technology provides for open communication and transfer of knowledge through


  • The Internet (think web conference)
  • Hand-held devices (thinkMP3 player),
  • Satellites (think GPS), and
  • So much more.


        This, in turn, decreases the need for “brick and mortar” facilities. So much more information spread quickly and efficiently with the need for few physical resources.


Current technology enables the movement to develop virtual toolkits (written, graphic and audio materials in digital formats) as well by live Internet and downloadable materials.  The primary goal is to keep the information virtual or digital.  Current digital formats are easy to create, edit and transmit on a global basis. 


What is the source of this information?


The original source of this information is to be the Women’s Support TEAM Mentors -currently more than 175 women with expertise in areas of life and business. These women can provide this practical information based on each Mentor’s life, business or professional experience with emphasis on the how and why.


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